Comparative study of Indigenous comics and comics from the two other Canadian cultures

Project Coordinator: Sylvain Rheault

The majority of Indigenous comics came about in the year 2000, onwards. They are therefore a relatively new phenomenon. For many years, comparative research has analyzed francophone and anglophone literary works in Canada, in parallel. It is now time to make a place for Indigenous comics and to compare them with the production of comics in the two other Canadian cultures.

Analysis raises numerous interesting questions and among the first topics of study that come to mind is the question of language. Indigenous comics are primarily published in English for an anglophone audience. Some are translated into Indigenous languages or in French. Evidently, there are market constraints, but there is also the desire to reach a majority of Indigenous nations, which do not speak the same language. What linguistics constraints to authors, illustrators and editors face and what are the innovative strategies that they employ to reach the largest possible audience without compromising the work’s Indigenous content?

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